Monday, June 11, 2012

Life Diaries

Love has been a very special emotion for any human affects us like anything...makes it humble or leaves us in frustration...when I see some old blog contents, written by someone I was in love with, I feel a very strange pain....
It was as if an unfinished story....I try to remember the story, those moments, I knew from the start it was my story....still there are lot of unfinished phrases...some how it remained incomplete....there were promises, not kept.

I remember the face, the soft light coming out of it, there was this tender gentle kind eyes...which always guided me in my difficult times...there was touch of sympathy in her obvious confidence...which made my day..always...

Story remains unfinished...I wish I could go back in time...and undo certain mistakes....I wish she could have stayed a bit longer...I wish.

1 comment:

  1. heart touching.. Really sometimes in life we all wish at certain times that we could go back to the past and mend some things. :-(