Sunday, September 20, 2015


Fading afternoon, just before the colors of the night becomes something of a spectacle. I was standing on the long wide terrace of my home, just opposite to the pandal. I can see a slow steady trickle of people - with colorful dresses, some vigorously munching common street food delicacies (predominantly from a relatively poorer socio economic background) coming around. 

Not surprising to me, my beloved pujo pandal is just a tiny dot on the sea of such pandals around the city and that too in a most southern part of the city nestling between two worlds. 

There was a divine fragrance of incense stick juxtaposed with captivating aroma of jhal muri & ghati gorom, cacophony of street whistles, people talking, and occasional announcement from pujo committee on insignificant matters- it created of surreal environment.

I was standing excitedly, waiting to come downstairs. 

I was waiting for the moment when drummers will start beating their drums to begin the evening. My mind is filled with joy, after all I am just one day into vacation! & plenty more exciting stuff to come.

                                                                                                                               (To be continued)