Tuesday, December 31, 2013

As the year slips away

It has become like a practice for me to write down a brief history of feelings, dejection, happiness and everything that matters to me on this last day of 2013.

This year has been pretty interesting in lot of aspects, getting married is the most important and thus far most intelligent decision I have taken this year. Having spent a lot of time with my parents after a long span of time is another amazing moment that this year has gifted me.

However, it had not been a great year in terms of my work. I had a fair share of late night works and last minute run to reach the bus bay for cabs. Rushing back home to get some half cooked noodles with tomato ketchup had been, sometimes quite bothersome.

As the year draws a closure, I fondly remember the wonderful fortnight that my parents spent with me and the monsoon sunset that I had witnessed with my wife on a less populous north Goa beach as the clouds drifted apart and local fisher women trying sell a fake sea shell necklace and the wonderful Diwali celebration with a lot of lip smacking food with my cousins while staring at the Himalayan night sky lit up with millions of crackers. I could see all these moments passing me by while writing down the words; I could feel the warm hug, cold rain droplets or the sheer amazement while looking at my love. These pictures indeed make my year.

While closing this blog post, I would thank all those who prayed for me (friends, Romans and country men) whose affection and love kept me going in trying times and whose silent tears had made me resolute in achieving whatever I could.

I would also thank the reader of this blog (if any) for your comments and appreciations. I look forward seeing you in next year.