Monday, December 31, 2012

Memoirs of a year

It was exactly one year back, I was sitting on small room, painted in a light yellow color with big double glazed windows and my room heater was blazing all guns. I was sporting a beard and suffering from cold while suddenly phone rings and I jump onto a street with million of people kissing, hugging, shedding tears as the 2012 got started.

That was one year back.

It has been a pretty interesting year to be honest. From the gloomy windy York to sunny country sides of Aviemore into the brightly lit London to ever colorful Calcutta to a crowded shopping malls in Bangalore, it has been a whirlwind tour for me!

I have met some wonderful people over the course of time, some became friend, some not too friendly, some forgotten like they never came, while some left an indelible mark on my mind. But each person came for a purpose and made me learn something.

This year has made me a better person, a wiser and sober in certain sense and has enriched my experiences with memories for a lifetime. I have sat over the top of Calton Hill and watching the clouds pass me and that sudden wind which stirs my soul and have shared small pizza on a maddening Calcutta street with someone special and have meet my parents and octogenarian grannie after an year and saw the toothless radiant smile on their face and have received a sudden gift of poetry from a charming lady with a handwritten note scribbled on it soaked in affection...priceless memories...It will stay with me.

I thank whoever has blessed me, loved me, waited for me all night hoping to hear my voice....your prayer has made my life, strengthen me and guided me in troubled times...
I will keep you in my prayers.