Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Last Post

I have been a very romantic person all my life. Not sure, whether it has been a weakness or strength. But that was me! I had always dreamt of finding that someone special, someone with whom I can plan rest of my life, someone to share my happiness and dreams, sometimes sadness perhaps, someone whose eyes would speak the same stories of love and affection as of mine.
It was a perfect day, when I met her. Still remember, how her hair was falling over her face, and she was caressing it back, and she was gently touching her chin and laughing out loud on my poor jokes!
I thought I had just found my princess. She is the one.
Was not to be.
More I wanted to come closer to her, more she went far, until reached a point of no return.
When I look back on my millions of answered messages, and calls, I feel a very strange sense of awkwardness.
I have tried whatever I could, however I could. But I just could not touch her heart.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

An evening in solitude

It's getting dark too early..I generally take a long walk back home...criss-crossing these empty neon lit burger shops, chinease take-aways, polish bazar's.
Sometimes some Lothian whizzes pass, some gentleman rushing to his home with hands clutching briefcase, some watt heriot dude with an beer crate munching crisps, nerdy looking chinese student listleslsy browsing through his i-phone....tired road worker with his folded news paper taking a quick nap, Overtly smart teen queen with melodramtic argument with her pal.

This road is desertd always...sometimes frequented by a few love lorn pink haired couples....I walk along...
Its getting dark too early these days.