Saturday, July 24, 2010

Days of my longing

Do you remember the days of wine and roses, days of impossible longings, days trembling monsoon rains, days of sudden breeze across the northern shore, days of sparkling sunsets in Nainital, days of silent nights lit up by thousands of lamp’s during Dusshera, days of waiting for buses in remote highways, days of stormy evenings in Sikkim, days of long walks in steep mountain slopes, days when I longed to hold you in my arms and never let you go.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A room with a view

Early dawn, from my window, hazy, misty, little sunny, cold, dampness all around, vast sky percolating through the Himalayan landscape.
I need some hot chai and touch of a loving hand..

Saturday, July 17, 2010

A day less oridinary

Early morning bird watching in Munsiyari, bathing in the glows of Nanda devi on a bright chilly day, having a hot chai near Baijnath, taking a walk towards Nainital in the evening when the birds return home, the shadowy sky with chimes from nearest temple mixes with smell of incense stick…
It feels like home.

This is me for you

Just looking in your eyes, just getting lost in never-land, just walking down the crowded Brigade road, just getting drenched on my way back home, just to wake up each morning with you by my side, just listening to Mozart, just listening to the moonlit sonata and smiling senselessly.
This is me for you.


Little droplets on my windows, merciless winds sweeping across the garden, black cloudy patch on western sky,slowly getting darker, winds speed peaks up.
I stay astonished at the nature's capriciousness.

India grow up!

Childhood independence lies in the dusty files of educational institutions, dating is limited to urban Indian cities and non-existent in desi-stan, alcohol and smoking are still considered as social stigma and luxury of the riches, vegetarianism is restricted to religious circles (ISKON etc), multi-family is the norm and love-marriages are considered as westernized fancy mixed with family passivity, inheritance is an extremely pathetic, boring, complicated sub-judicial matter which very few people understand and even lesser attempts to understand, hired helps (also called domestic helps) are the most commonest feature in urban India, they have a very pivotal role in matrimonial sanctity (if absent for a day, then poor husband has to do the dirty laundry causing an irreparable psychological scar on chauvinistic Indian male ego) and by far the best thing about Indian traffic sense is that there is none.
The in-laws are one of the potent symbol of India-ism, having a similarity with Facebook!, they provide status update to the people least bothered about them and provide unsolicited advice when you don’t need them (remember poke!)
Hope India grows up

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Sikkim, shadowy evening, calm, quiet, sounds of unknown insects, colorful birds. Western sky is purple, couple of school kids returning home, little bright twinkle from the girls hostel, time for the evening prayer.
I stand near the entrance, enchanted.
I can see her, playing piano.
Sound of Chopin engulfing my senses, silent evening is playing orchestra to her solitude.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Song of the road - Nainital

On a road to Nainital…uphill…evening…
A strange evening…awkwardly silent…unknown birds chirping…last rays of sun on the hill side geranium has created a complex pattern…the sun is just a small dot on the infinite color palette of true iris blue…hill station is lit up with a soft techno-color opulence …faint glows of Nainital can be seen on the valley halfway towards my village...windy...Slightly chilly…mountain flowers in full bloom…their unusual fragrance fixed with the calm evening has created a symphony to my senses…stars…in thousands are giving me a delightful company in this utter solitude…
I lie down on the grass…tucked into a dense forest…
I close my eyes…

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Blowing in the wind

Not a very easy thing…staying away from your home, parents, city, all the things that makes you comfortable…it has been tough…though I have made it through…when I look back…I see a lot of faces…waving hands…late night cabs…get-togethers….wild night parties under open sky….travels…funs…films..

Now the known faces in the bus stop have changed…the casual exchange of smiles has now stopped…I do not seem to recognize the most of my co-travelers any more…there is this new batch of undergrads and grads joining the company…waiting for the company bus…discussing their future plans…pretty girl that they have met recently in their Project course batch…next appraisal ratings or the salary hikes… next trip to home…all these seems so natural…So real…as if I am a part of their group….it’s just like living your own experience again…I have done the same things few years back…now they are doing the same…

just the faces have changed….rest is the same…same optimism…huge career goals…same enthusiasm…same zeal to start something new….same hurried ways….same twinkle in eyes as if exploring something new….

Just three years…I smile…you fellows would be like me…tired…exhausted at the never ending…ever running world…sometimes it get difficult to keep oneself motivated….as nothing seem to work…nothing seem to change….life just seems to get stuck in place….but then I think…life is not all about running to the last post….it’s about taking your time….looking back at the fond memories…keep walking….blowing in the wind.