Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A room with a view

Early dawn, from my window, hazy, misty, little sunny, cold, dampness all around, vast sky percolating through the Himalayan landscape.
I need some hot chai and touch of a loving hand..


  1. Nice to see a photo with the poem. Looks like it would be a great place to wake up to.

    Not sure if hot chai is what I need here in the mornings these days.

    Here in the US it's summer and we are having record heat just like India just had. Only thing is, here in North Carolina our Humidity is just as bad as the heat and it's more than damp and hazy in the mornings. These days I contemplate having my coffee due to it making me more hot.

    I don't have much critiquing or comments on your poems, but I really do enjoy them.

  2. Thanks a lot Kat..glad that you like these...I have been pretty lucky, spent considerable time in Uttarakhand (a tiny himalayan state), honestly that was a super place to wake up to...

    Instead of coffee, perhaps you may like to try Mango smoothies:)..

  3. lassi is one of the best things ever. Unfortunately we don't seem to import many mango's. I have been told about all of the varieties and can't wait to try them when I visit.

  4. This view is uncannily similar to the view I had from my room when I stayed in Dharamsala. The Himalayas are so beautiful. As is your poetic writing. Thanks.
    - Bec