Saturday, July 17, 2010

India grow up!

Childhood independence lies in the dusty files of educational institutions, dating is limited to urban Indian cities and non-existent in desi-stan, alcohol and smoking are still considered as social stigma and luxury of the riches, vegetarianism is restricted to religious circles (ISKON etc), multi-family is the norm and love-marriages are considered as westernized fancy mixed with family passivity, inheritance is an extremely pathetic, boring, complicated sub-judicial matter which very few people understand and even lesser attempts to understand, hired helps (also called domestic helps) are the most commonest feature in urban India, they have a very pivotal role in matrimonial sanctity (if absent for a day, then poor husband has to do the dirty laundry causing an irreparable psychological scar on chauvinistic Indian male ego) and by far the best thing about Indian traffic sense is that there is none.
The in-laws are one of the potent symbol of India-ism, having a similarity with Facebook!, they provide status update to the people least bothered about them and provide unsolicited advice when you don’t need them (remember poke!)
Hope India grows up

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