Saturday, June 28, 2014

Thinking about June

Half the year has passed already!
The sun tinged roads are awash with monsoon drizzle, the usual sun perched dry sunken leaves are getting rejuvenated with new leaves.

A change is coming.

Last few months had been quite difficult for me, one death and one terminal illness had sunken my spirit. It is hard to see someone going away bit by bit, everyday. There has not been a single day, when I do not think about him and memorize the good times. A particular picture that comes to my mind very often, is a photograph, which I found, the other day from a stash of photographs, half faded and over exposed.

But it had something special; it captured a very special moment of my life.

I was in school then. I had every sign of becoming a good natured boy, short, bearded, unkempt hair, ultra thin moustache, and a complete disregard to (or thereby lack of) personal style. I am surrounded by my sister with boyish haircut and brothers, two of them sporting Spider-man colored tee-shirt. And there he stood, young, smart, dashing and handsome with neatly trimmed hair and casual khaki. It was taken against a backdrop of rural Jharkhand (Ghatshila) close to a river. A typical impromptu photo on Cannon Snapper, father’s very prized possession in those days!

I can see him towering over me. Time seem to have frozen in that photograph just like his piercing gaze and desire to live. I need to take a walk around that river tonight in dream; I have poses to give and hands to hold tightly.

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