Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Remembering Rod

There was an eccentric head movement which undoubtedly identifies the finest pop/soft rock star to me....Rod Stewart..First time I heard him was quite a sometime back. I was in school and tirelessly pursuing my dream to be successful nobody. Then I suddenly heard him on my old Santosh radio (a local hybrid transistor between a Chinese toy and Indian innovation). The mellifluous voice singing, "I don't want to talk about it, how you broke my heart", the sudden sensation of broken heart visited me....

My fascination with Roderick David Stewart (aka Rod Stewart) started that winter night, thanks to the fabled Voice of America show. I never heard it again until precisely 15 years later in his hometown Glasgow.
It was wintry night just before the Christmas, shops close early, deserted roads lined up nicely trimmed bushes and soft lights sprinkling across Buchanan Street.
The shop was playing, "Have I told you lately that I love you", a famous composition of Van Morrison, equally brilliantly rendered by Rod.

I stood there. Motion-less. There was strange pathos in voice, a strange voice indeed, a cross between Scottish teenager and a mellowed superstar...the song and its words floated across the streets, suddenly little snowflakes started coming down.

I sat down at the nearest chair close to left over beer bottle and closed my eyes. I wanted to stop that moment. It seemed that all the love that I wanted to proclaim and put into words for such a long time, is being done by him.

I wish time could take me back.


  1. I've had those wonderful moments when you hear a really nice song from back in the day and immediately you are transported back to that original moment. You can almost smell the same air. Then suddenly, the sound of a police car races by and breaks that special flow. If time could take you back, would you do the exact same thing though?

  2. RPD, I have exactly similar feelings...I have been to these strange places....I keep thinking about them while stuck in a traffic...and then suddenly a call disrupts the flow...its a dream inside a dream...