Thursday, November 22, 2012

Finding Nemo

After getting sufficiently bored and getting dumped by my girl friend, I decided to do something new.
What about opening matrimony account and finding someone pretty lassie! My mother always liked when I started talking about marriage. She was too concerned with my grey hair and a receding hairline!
So after a gentle discussion with my beloved ever happy room-mate and emptying couple of big jars of mango pickles, I felt prepared. I thought let’s do this.

I immediately searched through a few well known Indian match maker sites and suitably registered myself. I posted a recent pot bellied picture of mine take in some western ghat jungle with couple of super cool dudes...Ah…I thought now the requests from pretty Indian girls or their anxious fathers will start raining down...

After couple of weeks, I realized no one had sent me a request, while in the meantime I have sent a few hundreds of requests! It seemed homely educated shy coy Indian girl does not give a flying duck about me!
Startled by this revelation, I decided to upgrade my account to a paid one...started brushing my hair and wearing Tee-shit with meaningless quotes and listening to ABBA...started asking about Stephanie Meyer and latest Vampire couples.

Still no interests…It was well after a month...I decided to quit...I was bored and awfully frustrated at this non responsiveness from ladies...I decided to close it...I informed Ma and thought about closing my account in a few days...In the meantime I had gone back to my old fashioned life.
It was Sunday morning, raining in Bangalore. I was sleeping like a polar bear all day, woke up and logged online and was browsing through latest Arsenal updates, when…WTF…someone has accepted my request!
Sweet lord! I was elated. I jumped onto her profile…Let me see her face…Jesus…she is pretty!

Today is my day! I thought!

I was immediately planning for my honeymoon in Bahamas…naming kids and thinking about my retirement plans. I looked closely at her profile. She has shared her mail id and asked to chat for few days!
Sounds promising!

In the meantime, my small room got flooded with friends, each one congratulating me and shyly requesting, “Please say Hi to our Bhabhi (read sister in law)”. Someone even has asked me about what will be the menu in my marriage.

Day one in Indian matrimony has been eventful.

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