Saturday, April 16, 2011

Love and rain

Strange but true..I have found a lot of similarities between rain and reminds of the day, when I went meet someone...and she never turned up...waited..and waited..until rain came pouring down...I still remember that feeling...while walking back home...
A feeling being unloved...feeling of cold and dampness..feeling of strange sadness...something very close to me was lost that day...
Today was no different..another day..another year...looks like...I have lost again.

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  1. Hello Indro,

    Was just thinking yesterday of how you haven't posted in a while. Sorry to hear that you have been so disappointed. Rain can also be so refreshing and healing. Love can also do the same. Even though love can hurt and can let you can learn a lot of things about yourself in the process and learn how not to get hurt next time.

    Hope things start looking up.